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We all have cellulite in different parts of the body, and there can be many lifestyle and other factors related to it. Today, it is possible to get rid of cellulite, with many treatment choices. One of the best options is called SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction. If you visit a renowned clinic for fat melting in Memphis, it is very likely that they would suggest the procedure over others. Here are some of the things worth knowing.

How does it work?

Cellulite is nothing but fat deposits underneath the skin. The dimpled or lumpy appearance you see on the surface of the skin is caused when the fat containing cells push against the connective tissues. Women are more susceptible to getting cellulite than men, but in general, anyone can have this problem. SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction is one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite. In this case, a special kind of technology known as Photomology is used for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Dynamic laser and light is used for heating the fat underneath the skin. The process allows the enlarged cells to expel fat. Special rollers and massages are used after the laser to move the liquid fat out of the body, through the lymphatic system. As a result, you have smoother looking skin.

Will it work for me?

SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction is great for anyone who is dealing with a “fat” problem. Yes, it is useful for reducing the appearance of cellulite, but should not be used as a replacement for diet or exercise. This is ideal for people who want to get the perfectly contoured body or want to lose weight from certain parts of the body. The procedure is simple and easy, and one session takes around 15 to 20 minutes. It is almost like getting a spa massage.

Other things to note

SmoothShapes® Cellulite Reduction needs time to show results, so you may need to go for a few sessions, often eight or more. Also, sometimes, the treatment must be repeated twice in the same week. The treatment is also expensive, so you need to talk to your doctor to know more if this could be an economical solution to your cellulite problem. If the targeted area is large, the costs may increase, so take an idea how much you can afford.

Finally, do check a few pictures to know what you can expect from the procedure.