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A pesonal SLAVE to my family (reddit.com)
17 yo, on summer break. I hate what my family is doing to me. I wanted to relax and have fun with my friends this summer. I wanted to be me and do what I want for once. But no. Since the start of summer I have been a personal slave to my family. I clean every thing, the whole house, I clean after hey eat I clean the mess they make. I like cleaning, I like helping, but I HATE that they make me RAISE my 2 yo sister. I spend five days a week with her taking care of her, all because our parents can't be bothered to take her to daycare while they are at work. I am losing my mind here. I just want my youth my fun my friends my life MY summer. But no, ohh no. My sister is a very demanding child and when I'm with her I'm only fulfilling her needs and its like I don't even exist... I hate that they force this so much on me, like this is something so normal, like very 17 yo is casually raising a child... I can't say no because I love my sister too much, and my older sister (yes I have one of those too, LAZY ass) does nothing but sits on her phone when she's watching her and gets up at noon when I put out baby sister to sleep... I really want to end it, I am going crazy I don't even know what outside world is. I actually can't wait for school to start so they just leave me alone. I just want some support or help but I have to do everything myself and I am so tired and exhausted... I don't want to live like this. submitted by /u/annieday6 [link] [comments]
  • FZ Stop whining like a little bitch and suck it up. Be grateful you have a family. You're not being asked to do anything unreasonable. Life ain't all fun and summer. Do your fair share five days a week and get the fuck over yourself. Seriously. Grow up. Your parents are working to support your sorry ass so it's the least you can do.

    Billions of people in the world have FAR more serious issues than you. If you're sitting at a fucking computer typing this message, are not hungry or diseased, slept with a roof over your
    head and have access to clean water. then you've got it better than most of them.

    WAH WAH WAH. "I have to take care of my little sister." Jesus fucking Christ.