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Pay me, or else (explicit) (reddit.com)
If you look back at my post history, you will see a rant I wrote regarding a restaurant I recently worked for. Now they are screwing with my final paycheck, and risk legal action to mess with a homeless person with very little to lose. I question the wisdom of these people. The fact that you called me to ask where I would like my check sent, despite having a valid address on file already, lied about mailing my check, lied about my check being at the shop when it failed to arrive after 3 mailing days, and presented me with an empty envelope when I calmly and politely asked for it in person, forcing me to call the police to intermediate, at which point you lied to the officer about not having access to my due pay (you have computerized timeclocks, and you yourself verified my hours worked, personally) leaves me to conclude you have every intention of causing me the most distress you can. I will file this Claim for Unpaid Wages form with the Department of Labor Standards if you continue to play games with my final pay. You have until the 13th to put money in my hand, or Laura and Jim will be charged with a misdemeanor. Ignore my direct request for information so that I may file this form, that's fine. I don't require it any longer. I am very adept at research, and have obtained the information I require. I have already contacted the State Helth Department regarding the absolutely atrocious state of your kitchen, and given the stress and hardship your recent actions are causing me and my loved ones back west, whom I am desperately and simply trying to return to, I am seriously considering contacting a lawyer. If you fail to pay me in due time, I will dedicate my life to shutting your health hazard of a restaurant down. You do not show me that state of affairs, screw with my money, and expect me to remain silent. If there is anything remotely close to justice in this world, I will end up owning your diner, at which point I will donate it to the local fire department for training purposes and watch with glee as they burn it to the fucking ground. You picked the wrong motherfucker, assholes. submitted by /u/thedrew4you [link] [comments]