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​Preface: this will be about theatre.
Currently, I'm in a production of Peter and the Starcatcher. I will say,
this is not my first theatrical rodeo. I've done plenty of theatre. This is
the second time I've worked with this director. And this time, I've
discovered, she has absolutely no idea in the slightest about what she's
doing. This bitch will come into rehearsals, for a very complicated show,
without the slightest inkling of how she will direct a scene. We quite
literally redo every scene multiple times because this bitch doesn't come
in with a game plan more complicated than "I'll just wing it." And this is
a consistent problem! Even in the scenes she says should be easy, we spend
45 minutes on them before we even get to a most basic run of it because of
her strategy. I quite honestly feel like she hasn't completely read the
script. There are two parts in the show, where one is a named disguise of
another character, and she cast the disguise and the disguised as two
different people. Most the parts are double cast, but in specific ways, and
she just plain and simple doesn't understand that and has cast it in some
of the most peculiar ways imaginable. it's so fucking moronic and
frustrating to sit through. Anyways, thanks for coming to my ted talk.
This bitch better be anonymous.​