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The "new" LGBT flag with the black and brown stripes is an insult to the LGBT community (reddit.com)
Late to the party, I know. Anyway, I'm talking about this thing, which I feel is just a slap in the face to the classic rainbow flag, and it bothers me so much to see people eat it up. It's meant to be inclusive of people of colour, but I feel that it screws this up for 5 reasons: It's inappropriate to clumsily lump in race issues with gender identity/sexuality issues like that. It feels like it takes the spotlight off the actual LGBT. The inclusivity message kicks itself in the shins by effectively separating and excluding people of colour from the rainbow, which is supposed to already include all LGBT folks regardless of race. It ends up dividing a community that needs to stay united. It's butt ugly. Seriously, it's fucking hideous. It looks like someone took a shit on the rainbow flag! Next time you try to score #woke points, try taking some basic colour coordination classes first. And finally, saving the worst for last: It was made by a literal fucking ad agency. It's a fucking joke. We've got this cold soulless corporate husk slither in among living people and smugly declare that we are all racist, but worry not! We can cure this with our new design! Also tweet our hashtag and visit our website. My sexuality is being appropriated for a dumbass PR stunt and it's making me sick. submitted by /u/DocC3H8 [link] [comments]