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Fuck SJW's. (reddit.com)
I'm a hard worker, I lift shit all day, weld, beat spikes into the ground, use a jackhammer for 40% of my job, and all around do a load of hardcore manual labor. Few days ago we got a new employee, a female. Now I have no fucking issue at all with females doing predominantly male jobs. However what I'm not cool with is that this bitch and one friend she made yesterday already are causing SJW issues. Look, anyone can do my job. Literally all you have to do is have common fucking sense. Basically don't cut the tree limb off while you're standing on it type of common sense. Somehow this chick found out how much I get paid; NO fucking clue who told her that. She came to me and started telling me she can do anything I can do and that I don't DESERVE to make that much money because it's sexist. So I finally was done with the whole "you're nothing and I'm better than you because I'm a female". So I decided I'll take her under my wing and run her with my crew in demolitions and deconstruction. Her first task was simple. Carry 100lbs of concrete up to the 3rd floor. Easy right? I mean, my crew and I do it every last damn day at least 4-6 times depending on what we need. Guess what? She made it to the 2nd floor and started complaining that what I am doing is targeting her for being a female and making her life hell. Tried telling me (while I am carrying the same amount of concrete mind you) that I am creating a "hostile work environment" and that I will hear from HR over me trying to constructively terminate her in a way. So I gave her my bag of concrete (literally the EXACT same type of bag she was carrying) and told her I was in the wrong and took the 50lb bag (I lied). She picked that bag up and started hustling up the stairs saying how fucked up it is the "boss man" gave the heavier bag to the crew member. Strike one you stupid cunt. Second task involved the jackhammer. There is no stopping with this thing until the job is done. I told her to fire it up and start chucking old concrete away. She couldn't get it off the ground . . . So I help her stand it up and that was it. She stared at it for 10 minutes and asked me how to turn it on. What?! She just said she knows what she's doing! Now all of a sudden the white man has to save the day? Holy fuck I hope I don't get reprimanded for believing her when she said "I know what I'm doing, that's why I am here". So I walk over turn the key, and flip the switch and it kicks on. What happens? She drops it screaming "I WASN'T READY YOU ASSHOLE" and it vibrated over the the ledge, falls 30ft, and lands on one of the bobcats on ground level. Strike two you weak inept bitch. Strike 3 happened this morning and I finally got to enact justice. We're all on the 4th floor, drinking our coffee and she walks through the door with cell phone in hand. Walks over to the crew, looks at me, and presses the call button on her phone. She's now talking with HR. She says, in front of the entire crew, "my boss is being a sexist towards me and trying to get me to quit". Next thing I know she hangs up and says HR will soon be up on the floor. Ok cool, replied to her "then we'll all wait for them to get here". 30 minutes later our locations HR rep shows up and pulls me to the side. I tell her what has been happening and she knows the bullshit that's trying to be pulled. She tells me what I will have to do. Fire the bitch, tell her that her paycheck will not be given to her, and that she will pay out of pocket the difference for the jackhammer and bobcat (roughly $3000). I told her and she slapped me for being "a fucking sexist pig that will hear from her lawyers". I called the cops and the slap to my face was caught on camera. Barely caught on camera but 100% can see her hit me. She gets arrested and while she's being put in the cruiser she is screaming how she did nothing wrong and that it's mens fault. The female officer who arrested her told her she was lucky that I didn't hit her back because she would probably be going to the ER instead of county. Fuck yes, justice for one in my life was served in the most satisfactory way I think I could ever see. Oh and this bitch was making $15 an hour to originally just move trucks from one location to the other. I make $19 an hour to bust my shit open everyday with back breaking manual labor. How stupid can someone be? FIFTEEN AN HOUR TO DRIVE AROUND?!?! Even I'm fucking jealous over that. I'd drop my paperwork, sweat pouring, ass busting crew lead position for 40 hours a week at $15 an hour for driving air conditioned trucks. But alas, my boss knows I'm too "smart" to be wasted on such an easy position. submitted by /u/Combat_Cricket [link] [comments]