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I really love my sister (reddit.com)
We were born 10 years apart, it's a pretty big difference, and despite that, she practically raised me. She helped protect me from our mums abuse, and then helped me get out of it. I'm not completely free, but she gave me the knowledge I needed to stay sane. She let me stay at her place despite it putting her in debt, she helped me get back on my feet. She doesn't take my bullshit and gives me real advice. She dropped out of high school to get away from our mum and then graduated later. She put up with a shitty job and a shitty boss so that she could get university credits in the trades, and now she's working at a nice job that gives her time to work on her writing. She's tough as shit, passionate, and caring, and she's the best fucking sister in the world :) submitted by /u/69wizardlizard69 [link] [comments]