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THAT kind of cosplayer (reddit.com)
So your in a conversation, enjoying the festivities when you spot an incredible cosplay. This person was by themselves minding their own business. Fair enough, I didn’t take a pic or even say a word to them, just glanced because they looked awesome. Then I got ‘the look’ like how dare you look at me! This frowning bitch ass making me feel bad for existing. I’m not even mad at her specifically, I just feel that some cosplayers think of themselves as gods at conventions (NOT ALL OF THEM) I’ve met legitimately nice people who did it for fun and they’re craft is highly commendable. But some of them seem like they look miserable doing it. IDK what I’m even doing with this post I just wanted to mention that one cosplayer. If this is like the last post I put on here then I can’t wait for some smart arse to go “you don’t understand what a cosplayer go’s through so you have no right to talk!” Maybe your right, idk. submitted by /u/Kieran3365 [link] [comments]