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Radio is garbage. (reddit.com)
Let's start with censorship, they censor words like "fuck" but then the same station will play the song "Womanizer", which is notably more damaging to the human psyche than the word "fuck". Furthermore, the music choice is recycled at best and usually stale. The bright side of radio music is you only have to listen to three garbage songs before being subjected to several minutes of lame advertisements, most of which are not targeted at you because radio has no google algorithms (which stands to be radio's sole redeeming quality). Bad music and bad ads would be too much to tolerate if we didn't at least have good radio hosts. Thank God for radio hosts. How else would I find access to two men and (maybe) one token female discussing grotesque matters while laughing like drunken idiots to fill time space? Shit, I'd have to.. go to the bar, or crash a frat party, or actually attend my family Thanksgiving. The worst part is that radio has so much potential, even today. Most middle-class people don't want to purchase Sirius, and stores and restaurants all over play it. Surely there is room in between all the PC and mindless drivel for a channel with intellectual discourse and good music of varying tastes (I am aware of NPR and they are okay by me but I'm not always feeling classical/jazz), like maybe a metal-specific channel that seeks to expand the metalhead's tastes while still providing quality metal, a pop channel that also plays the stuff kids actually are enjoying like billie eilish and lo-fi (the fact that no lo-fi radio exists angers me immensely), and that's just two ideas I came up with right now to make my point. But no, let's have another generic rock channel with the same 72 songs on repeat while DAVE AND CHUCK THE FREAK razz on about their testicles or whatever disgusting topic was pulled from the hat that day. submitted by /u/DrinkFromThisGoblet [link] [comments]