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I resent people born into wealth (reddit.com)
When I think of my peers who had wealthy/well off parents it makes my blood boil. These lucky bastards got to travel the world,have access to all forms of entertainment,eat in the best restaurants,receive top notch education and got all the contacts they need to set them up with good jobs later in life. Then they have the nerve to say how successful they are. Have the decency not to brag to me how you beat me in a 100m race,when you had a 90m head start. Don't get me started on the hypocrisy of the parents themselves, saying "you should work hard" for the nice things in life, while they hand their kids everything on a silver platter. Yeah, seeing people get ahead because of nepotism is quite the motivation... submitted by /u/SocioPathicLunatic [link] [comments]