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I made a horrible mistake in dating this woman. (reddit.com)
I had been pining after her for a long time. She and I dated others, but truly I had eyes for no one but her. I fantasized about our potential relationship. One night, she texts me. She had a boyfriend. We talk for hours, where she confides in me emotionally, for an extensive period of time, till about 1:30 am. The next night, our texting gets heavily sexual. It wasn't quite sexting, just sexual topics, but it's enough that if you saw your girlfriend texting this to a friend, you would be upset. I tell her I'm not comfortable with that due to her having a boyfriend, and she states she does this with her friends all the time. First massive red flag. A few days later, she starts complaining about her boyfriend, that he's abusive, she starts describing their sex life. She starts texting me complaining on every date they go on, and I become her confidante and closest friend. She and I go to a restaurant, and she insists it's not a date, as she has a boyfriend. She and I confess our feelings for each other. She says she's going to break up with her boyfriend. She does. Our relationship started strong, besides the incessant complaints about her ex. I realize that she is constantly texting other men, having deep emotional conversations with them, and also she one day tells me that she flirts with other people, and that I should be okay with that. All of a sudden, far into the relationship, she stops making time for me. I ask her on dates and she tells me "Gas is too expensive", but meanwhile I see her constantly going places with friends of hers, driving her car. After gas prices go down, I ask her on another date. She tells me that she is too busy, and when she's not, she'll probably make plans. I wasn't the priority in her life, I was just who she goes to when absolutely nothing else works. All of a sudden, she starts texting this guy. She invites him over to her house, without me, to watch Game of Thrones. In her bedroom. Several times. I ask if I can watch it with her, and she denies me. He becomes the person she texts most. I noticed she stopped confiding in me, stopped reciprocating affection, stops touching me, and someone tells me that this friend told them that they cheated on me. I hear them discussing dates in the corner, but I brush it off that I misheard. I see him hug her in a long and caressing way right in front of me, and she refused to hug me. Someone tells me that she is going to drop me in a heartbeat for someone else, that she no longer loves me. She told me that wasn't true. Then she broke up with me. It was all true. The entire time she was texting and talking to multiple other men, about deep emotional topics. She talked about our relationship and if she should break up with guys she knows want to date her. When they sent her sexual images she refused to block them, she just kept texting. She never blocked her ex, and texted him about our relationship all the time. A relationship with her was a terrible terrible mistake. She let her relationship with me overlap another, and my relationship also overlapped another. She was incredibly disloyal. And I should have known. Good fucking riddance. submitted by /u/QuebecoisRoyalist29 [link] [comments]