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Saying things like "haha thats SOOOOO FUNNYYYYY XD" to a bad joke Is so obnoxious and not even funny. (reddit.com)
It baffles me that people on some subreddits and IRL make fun of other peoples jokes, but then go around saying sarcastically "Wowwwww thatssss SO FUNNY XDDDDDDDD JK"!!!!! and act like what they are doing is somehow comedy gold. It itself is not funny, it's obnoxious. But what makes it worse is that everybody seems to accept that as the pinnacle of humor. Like you can find comments like "Haha yes X is SO funny" "Wow 1k upvotes thanks everybody :)" EDIT: Wow my first gold :))))))))) Its fine if you call out a joke for not being funny but doing it in the most irritating way possible is frustrating. submitted by /u/TheGhostlySliver [link] [comments]