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Please don't guilt trip your kids by saying there grandparents will die soon, it's not funny at any age and can really mess with our insecurities and fears (reddit.com)
Right now I'm sitting in a hipster cafe with 2 of my family one being my grandmother, I didn't want to come out but I know it would result in another argument and being guilt triped, I have to deal with bring told "come on there not gonna be around much longer" any time I refuse to go out to see them, it really plays on my Fears and worries, I love my grandparents so much, losing them is one of my biggest fears, right now I'm in the middle of 4 major uni projects and am incredibly stressed, the last thing I need is having the fear of losing people I love played on to get me out the house, I spend a lot of time with my family, and I love them more then anything, I hate being treated like I never go out with them or do anything. submitted by /u/lasthopel [link] [comments]