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I’ve never seen a sixteen year old boy cry so hard. (reddit.com)
Last year I had a miscarriage when I was fourteen. My boyfriend was fifteen at the time. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. It’s been about a year since my miscarriage, and what I saw earlier today broke my heart. My boyfriend came home with me after his baseball game today. I sat in the living room watching TV while he got a shower and cleaned up. The shower stopped and he went back to my room so I assumed he wanted a few more minutes to get dressed and situated. About ten minutes after the shower stopped, I sat outside my door for a minute, trying to see if he was done. There was a little crack in the door and I peeked in. He was laying on my bed with my teddy bear in his arms, sobbing as hard as I’ve ever seen anyone cry. My teddy bear is a weighted teddy bear I got after my miscarriage, to sort of simulate a baby in my arms. I can’t sleep without it. It sounds ridiculous but I dress my bear up in little onesies. Today the bear had one on that said “Mommy’s Little Angel Boy” on the front. I’ve never seen someone cry so hard. He was just looking at the bear, trying to breathe. He kept saying “I’m sorry mommy and daddy couldn’t meet you, baby.” He kept talking to the bear like it was our baby, which is something I do too. He went on for minutes, holding the bear and soaking his cheeks in tears. After a while, I went in there and let him cry on me. I calmed him down, and eventually he drifted off to sleep with the bear in his arms. Seeing that broke my heart. He really wanted our baby. I never knew he missed our baby so bad. Before he went to sleep he told me that he cries often about our baby. It really hurt my heart today. submitted by /u/justplayingsoftball [link] [comments]