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If you don't know the differences between your, you're, to, too, two, their, there, and they're, you're an idiot. (reddit.com)
Seriously. What is your major malfunction? At the least, it's a 2 letter word to remember, and at the most, it's a 6 letter contraction. Learn the fucking difference. Also, if you're arguing with someone and you refuse to use the right version, expect to be seen as an idiot. I mean come on. You can barely spell. What the fuck do you know? I don't expect perfect grammar whatsoever. But come the fuck on. At least spell these basic and simple words correctly. If you don't put in the effort to know THAT, you likely don't do it for anything else either, therefore, you're an idiot. Here's the deal. People who are wrong usually have no idea how or why they're wrong. "You're not my English teacher!" "I didn't know I was writing a thesis!" Are all dumbfuck excuses people fall back on as opposed to just owning up to doing something stupid. That's a problem. A huge one. If you can't own up, you can't spell, you can't research, or you can't even hold an argument, you don't deserve to be able to speak up. Your opinions don't matter. Lastly, the people who see someone else correct something and do it again on purpose aren't funny. It's not cute, it's not creative, it doesn't piss anyone off, it's literally just confusing. Like... Who thinks that's funny besides the exact people I'm ranting about? You can reeee all you want and tell yourself you won the argument, but that other person is going to pity you, and there's just no reason to randomly bring that on you unless you have mental health issues. You can lie about it all you want and continue to ree but you will always be seen as an idiot by anyone smarter than you at all. Learn how to spell, fucktards. submitted by /u/TheGenesisPattern [link] [comments]