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Seriously, Fuck Apple (reddit.com)
Deadass fucking bought some airpods buying into the hype that they will be somehow revolutionary and worth the 160 fucking quid. nope. Then i watched several fucking videos outlining how Apple is a fucking scam and how their products are SHIT. Bit disconcerting to hear that these pair of shits i just bought could probably be made for less than half the price. WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS NEXT???!?! AS IF STEVE MOTHERFUCKING JOBS HIMSELF HEARD ME FROM THE GRAVE, MY LEFT AIRPOD PROCEEDS TO STOP WORKING ENTIRELY. Keep in mind I have LITERALLY ONLY HAD THESE FOR A WEEK. Also keep in mind I HAVE DONE LITERALLY NOTHING TO THEM. ​ honestly fuck apple. fuck people who are in the apple cult. I know this isnt THAT unpopular of an opinion but FUCK OFF. submitted by /u/RAMZILLA42 [link] [comments]