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I don’t get paid enough to care so stop expecting me to. (reddit.com)
I work a shitty hourly minimum wage retail job which is enough to get me through uni but certainly not a job I plan to stay at beyond graduating. It’s one of those jobs where when you’re done for your shift you’re done. You shouldn’t be expected to be available to contact by phone 24/7. So when I get called about taking on extra shifts or coming to fill in on short notice and I can’t pick up the phone because I’m in class, shitting, literally doing anything better than talking to you, don’t rip into me about how you’ve been trying to contact me all morning blah blah. I don’t get paid enough to be on call nor do I get paid enough to worry about your terrible scheduling. If it’s not in my contract that I need to be on call and that it’s literally the end of the world when I can’t pick up, don’t act like it is. Thanks for reading I really needed to get this off my chest. submitted by /u/schootle [link] [comments]