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I (28) took my 71 year old mother to say goodbye to her friend of 64 years. I just need to tell someone what I witnessed when we left because I’m heartbroken. (reddit.com)
I’m in another city saying goodbye to someone I consider my aunt- my mum’s best friend of 64 years. What is really special about them is they met right after they moved to Canada as refugees from Germany, so they have a very similar background they bonded over. We also don’t have much “real” family, so she’s someone we’ve been very close to. Anyways, we got the call B (her best friend) got C. difficile right after being swiftly moved to palliative care so it’s unlikely she would make the weekend. My mum and I got on the next plane we could and have been visiting since Friday. Today was the last day of our visit and I got to be present for them having their last moments in the hospital together. I’ll skip the details but B has been extremely brave and talked about how she’s accepted it, it’s fine etc. I really do believe her; she’s a realist about death and has never been shy about it. Then she went on about the highlights of her memories with my mum. It was very sweet. When the time came to say goodbye, we got up, said we love her, gave her a little squeeze and off we go. We leave the room and had to de-gown outside the door. As we are doing that, I can hear B start crying inside. My mum didn’t hear any of it because she was farther away and is a little hard of hearing. It ripped my heart out hearing her cry. Especially knowing her as such a strong woman that regards mortality as something that just happens. I just had to swallow my tears and the wrench in my gut and carry on. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I don’t think I’ll ever tell my mum- she’s already having a very hard time dealing with this. I just needed to tell someone because it was such a private moment so I don’t want to tell anyone I know, but I’m also having a hard time processing everything. Sometimes having an elderly single parent at 28 isn’t the easiest, especially as an only child. Anyways that’s all. Thanks for listening/reading. submitted by /u/bubble_baby_8 [link] [comments]