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My boyfriend and I both got laid off within minutes of each other on Friday (reddit.com)
It's scary. I'm in the middle of my masters program at a really expensive school, and we live in a really expensive city. I don't think it's going to feel real until we don't drive to work in the morning tomorrow. There's just so much uncertainty, and finances were already a little tight with school and everything. The bright side to all of this is that I think my bf and I will make it through this. I was concerned about him because he was so aloof this weekend, but today, he pulled me into his arms and said he was sorry for being distant, and he acknowledged that he hadn't even asked me how I was doing yet. I know that being vulnerable is really hard for him (or most anyone), but that moment just melted away any uncertainty I had about us making it through this particular rough patch. Please wish both of us luck on the job search. I'm scared, and I can't let that keep me from barrelling through a job search. If anyone cares about the laying off story, i can share that too. submitted by /u/misssarahjane [link] [comments]