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I think my neighbors are beating their child. (reddit.com)
I feel like I am going to puke, and I can't breath very well. My apartment walls are very thin and I can hear the neighbors yelling at their kids. They have three boys under eight. The mom uses the f-word with them and yells at them in an angry voice, telling them mean things. I don't mind the noise of the children; that's to be expected. I mind the noise and hostility of the mom. The walls are so thin that my daughter may learn lots of bad words. My daughter is scared for the boys and scared of the mom. There has been crashing around, and crying and yelling. I tried to imagine it was the boys rough-housing. I heard the dad tell one boy that he was "about to get beat up." I thought about calling CPS about the language or maybe complaining to the landlords, since they also smoke in the house and they're not supposed to. Our apartment sometimes smells like a crappy old motel from the smoke that comes though the wall space. Well, today they all came home, and the mom and dad were yelling at the older boy, using the f-word, "get in the fucking corner!" There was a crash against the wall we share. More yelling. Child said Ow! Ow! Ow! Crashing. Dad said, "ha ha!" I started making a voice recording on my phone. Three minutes of Ow! Ow! Ow! Parents yelling. Mom tells kid that if she gets evicted it's kid's fault and he's going to not live with them. I stopped recording, but at ten minutes there was still yelling and crying although further away from our shared wall. Then there was more crashing on the shared wall, and then gagging sobs. At about 18 minutes dad was laughing and coughing near oven exhaust and said "that poor kid." I started taking notes to document this occurrence, as I was going to complain about the noise. After 25 minutes I took my recording and notes and left. As I was walking out I saw another son outside on his bike. The dad appeared to be smoking out the sliding glass door. I heard the mom saying more mean things about eviction to the eight year old. I'm sure the parents noticed me leaving, their son and I had a brief conversation about his awesome bike, and how I was impressed that he could ride it without training wheels. I went to the police station, I described all this and played the recording. The police are going to go knock on their door. I don't know if the kid was being beaten or if it just sounded like it. Maybe he was being spanked; that's not illegal. I'm afraid the parents may try to retaliate. They sound incredibly dumb, vile, and mean. I am more afraid for that kid, though, and I couldn't just NOT do anything. I don't think they have to open the door to the officer. They will know I am the one who reported them. I am writing from the library, because I am nervous, and because I was trying to get a lot of studying done today and their loudness -as always - ruins my concentration. I kind of wish I had been in my apartment after I left the police station, so I could know what happened. I suppose I will only know if CPS or the police want my recording or more anecdotal information. I feel like I have done something wrong, even though I logically think it was the right thing to do. I hate how they treat those kids, I hate hearing it, I hate that my kid has to hear it and know that the world is so fucked up before she's out of diapers. I hope I'm wrong - I hope the kid is safe, but if I'm right I hope grackles will peck out the parents' eyeballs and kidneys and the kids will be adopted by healthy, kind, loving people who run a candy factory or some shit. No, really, I hope the parents can turn things around, but I am not optimistic that they are capable of introspection. Thanks for reading this - I can breathe better, but I still have a huge pile of bricks in my gut. submitted by /u/pretendimabubble [link] [comments]