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ADHD is torchure (reddit.com)
I was diagnosed several years ago. Stopped taking rydalin several years ago. I'll just give you an idea of what it's like. Bell rings. Class starts. I look down at my shirt and think "oh shit, I got yogurt on my hoodie. You fucking suck. Why are you so careless" and then I think "it's no big deal. It was an accident. Let's get on with- FUCK, THE TEACHER'S TALKING." Then, I search frantically for a pencil. Teacher says "Ok, so first things first take everything off your desk except a pen. As you know, we have the vocabulary quiz today". Fuck, we had a quiz? I didn't even think to study! You dumb fuck, it isn't that hard to just get out a book and study. Instead, you really had to watch YouTube yesterday. Dumbass. What's your plan now? I search more for a pencil. After thinking, my quiz is already on my desk and I didn't realize it. Teacher starts talking again. "This is very important so please pay attention...." Fuck, where's your pencil, genius? You better get it soon! Look around me. Ask the guy to my left "hey, you got a pencil?" He says "Yes. The one I'm using." Comedy fucking gold. Where else you gonna get one? Teacher comes over. "Come on, you borrowed a pencil yesterday and never returned it. You don't even have one today?" She hands me a pencil. "This is the last time..." Wait, what did she say? Oh, yeah, you weren't paying attention, dipshit! I look at the quiz. The first question is a word problem. I start reading "Jack look at an airplane at an angle of 47.6 degrees. The airplane is 1000 feet above him. How far away" come on, pay attention "Jack" "Airplane" "Angle" "Degree" Jack airplane 47 degree five airplane Jack degree Jack airplane five airplane five jack airplane degree Jack forty seven jack degree airplane I have 20 minutes left on the test and I haven't even answered the first question. submitted by /u/newaccount81881 [link] [comments]