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You're anxious? That's life, have you heard of Jesus Christ? (reddit.com)
TL;DR: "Doctor" says I'm overreacting to "life" and tries to convert me to Christianity instead of making a diagnosis or proper referral. So this little diddy happened yesterday, and I'm still in disbelief about it. I've been struggling with some form of anxiety disorder or depression for a while (I still don't know what it is), and I finally took the step to reach out to a doctor and get some guidance on it, which is kind of a big deal for me. I get to a doctor's office, fill out the redundant paperwork per usual, and finally get in to see the "doctor." I tell her my symptoms, which include feeling so anxious that I nearly vomit, randomly breaking down into tears on a regular basis for no apparent reason, and other times I'm so happy that it leaves me breathless---which is pretty fucking irritating. Well our dear friend, M.D. scoffs at nearly every word, and says "I hear this story all the time, that's just life. You must overcome it because many people feel this way and carry on"---because those are just average and normal symptoms right? At this point I'm feeling pretty discouraged and upset, and she hits me with: "Are you religious?" "No" "Were you raised religious?" "Yes" "Do you know Jesus Christ?" She proceeds to describe Jesus carrying a cross, and says that if he kept going, so should I. I was raised Catholic, so I have heard the story of Jesus a time or two. I am no longer religious, which already told her. At this point I'm humiliated for even seeking help, and I snap a bit and say: "I went to fucking Sunday school, I know the story. That's not why I'm here." She attempts an apology that was really just condescending. She says something about how every other patient except for me has appreciated her analogy, muses that I'm bipolar (she is self-admittedly not qualified to diagnose that), ends up writing a "referral" which basically just says "see a psychiatrist" with no further guidance. Are you fucking kidding me? The real kicker was when I took one of their business cards on the way out, and realize that the "doctor" I had gone to see was just a "Physician's Assistant" that doesn't have a medical degree! There wasn't a medical doctor in the entire fucking building! I still can't believe this happened. What an absolute joke. submitted by /u/n4ught0 [link] [comments]