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I’m one of the more senior managers in the office and one of the guys at work came over to me today and rubbed my back and said “you know it’s steak and blowjob day and I don’t see any steak”. (reddit.com)
Edit: just FYI I’m not using HR at this point - I lost my shit at the time. And told him if he ever comes near me or gets in my way or interferes with my job that I will insist he gets fired. And I wrote him an email and ccd in the guys who were present so there’s a record. Fuck that. HR is useless and I don’t need the entire company gossiping about me He even tried to get me to be quiet and stop yelling. Hell no. I was so fucking angry. How dare he humiliate me like that in my own workplace. submitted by /u/bambisummers [link] [comments]