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A drug dealer saved my life (reddit.com)
I know it's a hated area. So many drug dealers are the worst people in the entire world but some of them are just people evolved from their surroundings. My dealer was a 35-40 year old black dude named B. And B sold me things for a long time about 3 years. Well one day I call B and ask for stuff and he tells me that he concerned on what's out there right now and his last batch wasn't safe. He told me he's known me too long and as he put it he ain't gonna let his young bull go out like that. So I make another call to a friend of his named Curtis and met him bc I really wanted shit as I am an addict. Well I show up and as I am about to do shit none other then B walks through the door. He slaps the shit outta my hand and scares the shit out of me. Not even 3 min later Curtis gets a call that someone was found dead and it's probably his shit. This is fetenyl it kills. B didn't stop there. He brought me outside and I dunno if it was the day he was having or what but he never looked like this before. He told me that he's done given me shit and that I need to.open my eyes and this isn't a lifestyle. He told me I'm too good for Kensington Ave and it's deaths and I need to move on. He said he was stuck but not me. And then I left. B kept his word. No one would answer my calls. The few other guys near his block would tell me keep fuckin walking bc they knew me. This led me to really think and go get help I needed especially from withdrawl Today I am 1 year and 7 months clean. I got a good job and and clear head. So when you hate a drug dealer it's understandable but just know they are human too and some of them wish they weren't trapped by drugs whether they use or not. I can tell you by the look in B's eyes that day, he would do anything to have not made his early mistakes and been in jail and be out of the drug scene. submitted by /u/TrashIt5889 [link] [comments]