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Why does looks play into EVERYTHING (reddit.com)
I hate the fact that if you want to get a job or a house you need to look good and not like a slob IM SORRY IF I LOOK LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON BUT THE FACT IS I FUCKING AM ONE HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO LOOK NICE AND DRESS THE PART IF I CANT EVEN AFFORD A DOLLER BURGER FROM MCDONALDS I’ve gotten rejected from so many jobs and houses all because I don’t look like a trust worthy person You need to give us a chance there are people out there who need it more then others Why should the 60 year old guy who’s single need a two bedroom house when there is a couple with a child who’re struggling to stay alive out on the streets STOP JUDGING PEOPLE BY HOW THEY LOOK AND GIVE THEM A DAMN CHANCE submitted by /u/satans___babygirl666 [link] [comments]