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Beating your child is literally against the law. Like, it’s a crime. (reddit.com)
So, for years, my parents have beat my brother and I with a belt. Whenever we did something “bad”, that they didn’t like, disagreed with them, or whatever, they would beat us. And for a long time, it was just normal. I genuinely believed that it was just discipline, the same way grounding is. So I never questioned why that’s considered assault towards an adult, but it’s fine for a minor. Well, I grew curious, and did some research. Turns out; it’s a CRIME. Beating your child with anything(hand, belt, etc. ) is illegal. Also, hitting your child because of something they did, or because your angry, is illegal as well. Naturally, I was shocked, but I felt somewhat good? Because years of fear and being hit into submission weren’t just parenting, they were child abuse. Now, many people turn the other way, because they take it as discipline; it’s “normal” to hit your kid. Especially foreign parents. Traditionally, people had no problems with beating your kid as a way to get them to do what you want. Except that that is essentially torture. Yeah, to assault someone so they give you want you want is torture. So I relayed some of this info at school. I told people it was illegal, and some kids went OFF. They claimed it was just discipline, parenting, yadda yadda yadda. They couldn’t comprehend that abuse was against the law. One of my close friends even tried to pull up a website, to disprove me. He straight up tried to defend hitting your child. Why would they defend it? Do they just accept child abuse as part of growing up? Because threatening and assaulting your child, adult or not, is against the law. A crime. Jail time. It’s so sad that so many of us have just ignored it. It boggles my mind. EDIT Just to clarify, there is a difference between abuse and discipline. If your kid does something wrong, sometimes you are legally allowed to physically discipline them. But constantly, without warrant? Abuse. It’s all about being able to tell the difference and read the situation. submitted by /u/trixxupmysleeve [link] [comments]