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I hate my weird body (reddit.com)
I’m skinnyfat and it sucks. My body looks so weird. I would be ok with a little extra fat if I had some muscle to supplement it or if it was proportional or spread more evenly but it doesn’t. What’s worse is that my ribs stick out so you can see them but I also have a bit of a belly plus I have that thing which makes your nipples stick out like a chick’s. I have no deltoids so my arms look weird, like I have no shoulders. The worse part is my love handles which I have despite being skinny. I heard those are usually the last to go so that sucks. It just looks weird like I have an hour glass figure. This combined with the nipple thing makes my body look more like a girl’s. My limbs are twiggy too. I wish the fat went to them more instead of making me look like a circle with lines sticking out. I don’t know how to put muscle there. I gained weight but like none of it went to my limbs and it’s really frustrating. I lost all my muscle cause I’m going through a long depressive slump and have just stay in bed all day. I miss being trim and sorta fit. I’m no fitness king but I just want to look more muscular for once. I’m usually either a twig or fat but still skinny. My parents aren’t really healthy so I grew up with their bad habits and it’s hard to break plus I’m still a minor and live with them. I want to eat healthier but all they buy is god damn takeout and I feel disgusting. I’m trying to get them to buy actual groceries but they’re depressed too and are too tired from work by the end of the day to cook so it looks like it’s up to me. I’m not used to this responsibility but I want to take better control of my health and help my family get fit with me. I want this rant to end on a good note so the good news is that I’m feeling healthier mentally. I just wish my physical health and body would reflect that. Another good thing is that I can hide skinnyfatness with clothes but I look at myself in the mirror shirtless a lot and want to look good naked for once. Also I’m taking better care of myself in general and I’m starting to be slightly more active. Baby steps, right? Anyways I’m open to any advice you guys have, sorry if this was too whiny. submitted by /u/UsefulTown [link] [comments]