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I finally accepted that my fwb will never love me back. (reddit.com)
I stopped doing all sorts of mental gymnastics and making excuses to convince myself that there was still hope, that there was a chance that he would eventually tell me he wanted to be my boyfriend and I'm finally free. I'm free from the anxiety of waiting for his texts, waiting to see if he'll make plans with me for this week, watching out for the tiniest signs that he wants anything more than just to fuck me and cuddle the rest of the night. ​ I've wasted 6 months on this guy and enough is enough. Today is the day I start the process of healing and getting over him. It's going to take a long time, it will be damn hard and it's going to really fucking hurt but at least I'm finally starting. ​ This relationship was so unhealthy for me, I cannot believe it took me this long to let go. I wish there was a support group for people trying to get over their fwb. submitted by /u/beareatsalmon [link] [comments]