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Met a homeless man tonight, and I can't shake the sadness I feel for him (reddit.com)
Tonight an older gentleman came up to me while I was waiting for a Lyft and asked me for the time. I had a hard time understanding him, as it was pretty clear he was missing most of his teeth. I told him the time and he thanked me, then he kinda just started rambling. ​ I couldn't really understand most of what he was saying, but was able to put together that he was talking about the rain tonight (we dont get much here) and how it'll be a rough one. He opened his hand and had 4-5 half-smoked cigarettes of various brands that he seemed happy with, like these would be tonight's small pleasure. He went on for a couple minutes longer, most of which I just couldn't pick up. In an effort to part ways, I said "I hope you have a good night, I need to go catch a ride home". ​ His response is just eating at me. He nodded, and said "thanks", and as I was turning to walk away he continued "it's just really nice to talk with somebody". His face showed the sincerity his mumbling couldn't. I agreed, and wished him a good night again, and we parted ways. ​ I live in a big city, I'm no stranger to homeless people. But this guy wasn't crazy, didn't have a shopping cart with trashbags full of salvaged detritus, wasn't asking for money. He was just looking for a little human contact, something that must be in even shorter supply for him than "normal" given how hard it is to understand him. ​ I feel lonely for him. Its a cold, wet night. I'm sure he's used to the isolation, but he shouldn't have to be. I wish I had stayed a couple minutes longer, just so he could have someone to talk to. ​ There isn't really a point to this post, I just feel really sad and my friends/family are all asleep. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I hope you have a good night. submitted by /u/Relocity3E8 [link] [comments]