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Am I the only that thinks Arianna Grande is teaching people that people are disposable? (reddit.com)
This is more of me working it out as I type. I obviously don’t know how any of her relationships went and I’ve only caught snippets by over hearing it on tv at work. But with her song “ Thank You, Next” it’s kinda fucked up. I gave it a listen and I get the moral of the story is that she learned from her past relationships but I mean Arianna acts like since they are in the past they are just fodder. That’s the way I see it anyway. I mean Mac Miller straight up died and I find that kinda of disrespectful to mention him in a song called “Thank You, Next”. It’s that “Next” that gets me because like I said before it’s like she wiping her hands clean of these guys. Idk much about the one she just broke up with but didn’t they get together shortly after Mac died? And got engaged and everything. Then they broke up( and I think that’s when the song came out) And apparently everyone has been messing with the dude and he’s been deteriorating mentally. Maybe Arianna has bad timing or Title Picking skills but it’s kinda fucked imo. If someone would like to share their opinion or set a timeline for a more coherent thought then by all means. submitted by /u/yeetskeetrepeat420 [link] [comments]