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Fuck this bathroom! (reddit.com)
We might as well not have a bathroom in this fucking house. Three people and one bathroom doesn't work if nobody is considerate and no one fucking is. Brushing my teeth is already a big bullshit task because the sink is broke and I can't use the tub because the water makes too much noise so I have to go back and fucking forth from the kitchen to the bathroom. To the bathroom to get my stuff, to the kitchen to wet the brush, to the bathroom to spit in the toilet because spitting in the kitchen sink grosses my mom out, to the kitchen to rinse the brush/wash my hands, to the bathroom to put stuff away. Every night. BUT WAIT! I can't just put my shit away! I have to play the strategic game of "don't move your hand a centimeter too far to the left or right or you'll knock someone else's shit I'm the toilet" because 1.) SOMEONE ELSE'S SHIT IS CONSTANTLY IN FRONT OF MY TUB WHERE I CAN'T EVEN REACH IT 2.) nobody flushes the goddammit toilet so guess what, when something inevitably falls in the motherfucker I've gotta reach into somebody else's rancid piss to retrieve it 3.) I'm such a frazzled minded fuck I can't ever remember to SHUT THE CUNTING TOILET SEAT SO IF SOMETHING FALLS IT DOESN'T GO IN THE PISS. But even then, it'll hit the seat and fall to the floor making the sound equivalent of a goddamn canon going off, waking my parents who go to bed at eight fucking PM. All I wanted to do was brush my teeth and I ended up knocking my dad's deodorant in the floor, scissors in a piss filled toilet along with my one and only motherfucking scrunchie. Guaranteed I'll get bitched at tomorrow for the ruckus and for "leaving a mess" aka the scissors I washed off and left to dry on the tub because if I had to stand there without gloves and manually wash and no dry the thing I'd fucking stab it into my eye after. Fuck it. Fuck it all. Tub is in my room, yall can have the whole shelf. Have the whole bathroom. I'll brush my teeth, spit into a water bottle and shit in milk jugs I don't fucking care anymore. submitted by /u/littlecatladybird [link] [comments]