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I finished my first real research paper and i’m so happy i could cry (reddit.com)
I’m a history major so i should get used to this. I’ve never finished a paper longer than 5 pages before. I have really really bad anxiety, depression, adhd, and an emotional regulation disorder and this semester has been hell for me. The paper clocked in at 2,471 words and 9 pages. It was over a week late and definitely not my best work, but all that matters is i got it done. Now i can go on to the next paper (shorter, thank god) i know this is kind of a stupid thing to be proud of but it’s such a milestone for me. even if it was late, I DID IT!! i still have so much makeup work to do, but i can’t help but be slightly more optimistic than i was this morning submitted by /u/coconutw4ter [link] [comments]