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Kicked out my gym (reddit.com)
Meh.. For helping someone. This happened a few weeks ago but I can't get it out of my head. I've been training there about 3 years, really got into fitness there. It's a nice gym in the center of a central European city which I'm an expat in, it's where 95% of my friends in this country are. I know the staff was never too fond of me, I don't come off as very friendly because I suck at being social, someone once told me I come off as an asshole until you get to know me. But people did get to know me, whenever someone would strike up conversation I'd happily talk back - I made some good friends there. I saw a guy I knew from outside the gym just starting out and we chatted a bit, I offered him to train with me and he agreed. We started our workout and I was showing him how I warm up, just basic stuff he wasn't doing that could help - within a moment one of the personal trainers, a girl I always thought was nice - comes up to me and starts telling me I'm not a personal trainer and I can't do this, I tried reasoning with her that we are just training together and she went on and on... I asked to go to the manager, we proceed and basically long story cut short on they insisted I was training people, wouldn't listen to me and eventually it turned into an argument which got me removed. Huh... Alright alright, swallowed my pride and just left because honestly I can't deal with this right now, too much personal shit going on. Had a few people be like "what the fuck" as I was leaving, as in taking my side. It's been a few weeks now, took a holiday abroad to clear my head but I just keep going back there in my thoughts and I get this weird mixture of humiliation and depression... I really loved that gym, I've been there longer than the manager and trainer. I haven't brought myself to sign up to a new gym yet... Most of the time to cheer up I plan my return to my home country and building my own garage gym. Hate being a foreigner, hate having depression, hate being unable to communicate with people even when I'm on the right. submitted by /u/ResidentHulk [link] [comments]