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I dont think I'm in love with my husband anymore [NAW] (reddit.com)
It's been speaking quietly in the back of my mind for a year now. It grows louder all the time. It began when he fell in love with my best friend... At the culmination of everything, I caught him - I lost my best friend and my trust in him at once. Neither spaces have since been filled. It spoke again when I had our baby and he wasn't present for labor or delivery. And now those things eat at me now for every small thing he does. I saw his Reddit account where he spoke of his experience of being in love with her. He never admitted it - insisted his obsession was platonic even through all the messages I read - and here he was, fully confessional for the first time. Understanding it from his POV made it worse. At the end, his summation of it all, the most noteworthy things to him, were that he found her to be a bad person as well as himself but at least now he has a baby that he loves. The selfishness turned my stomach. The singular comment on the post broke me. "Poor wife..." I've been the angry wife, the strong wife, the patient wife, the good wife, but never the poor wife. I chew it over now as he's sleeping in too late to be presentable for a job interview; ever the disappointment, he's never held employment longer than three months. And no matter what I do or don't to help him get ready, nothing will change me from being the poor wife now. The wife that let her husband cheat on her with no repercussions. The wife that enables bad behavior. The wife that has no self respect. I hide these feelings. I can't tell him. I love him still but I haven't felt romantic love or in love with him for weeks, months. I don't want to hurt him but I'm tired of him hurting me and I'm tired of myself for allowing it. submitted by /u/composeapost [link] [comments]