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I hate when people park in my spot (reddit.com)
First of all, I know the spot in front of my house is technically not my spot, I know it's public property, also I know I'm going to sound like an entitled asshole, but I hope somebody here can sympathize with me. I can't stand when people park in that spot who don't even live on my street. I don't mind if you park in my spot and leave in a couple of hours, like you're visiting a friend or family member and you don't live in the area. But yesterday night after I left to go to work around 8:30pm, I came back around 4am to see a work van I've never seen before parked in my spot. I was immediately disgruntled because I don't recognize that van from the other cars that Park on my street, however I was understanding because my street is kind of crowded, and I usually expect people to move within a couple of hours. My neighbors and I all have this unspoken rule that we shouldn't Park in each other's spots when our spot gets taken. Their spots get taken too, however that person who took their spot usually leaves within a couple hours. However when it's MY spot, I get some asshole who parks there, and they don't move for a couple of days. As I'm writing this rant post, this van hasn't moved. And it's been here for about 24 hours now. I'm going to be furious when I fall asleep and wake up to see if it's still there. It's definitely a work van so I'm assuming that it has to move soon because people who work in tiling usually get up early. There was also this one time last Christmas, that I believe one of my neighbors family came over, and they parked in my spot and didn't move for 2 weeks. I live in a very crowded residential Road, so parking is a hassle because it's not like I could park on the opposite side of the street, I have to park down the road and walk a good 15 seconds to my house, rather than me getting out of my car and being able to enter my house immediately. submitted by /u/singerisacrook [link] [comments]