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Living with an autistic person (reddit.com)
People say all the time "you should be nice to autistic people! They don't know any better!" and so on. People think living with a 10 year old (if you're lucky) is a fantastic life. No it's not. I think it's only fair to come from the side of living with and having to be around autistic people in the last 10 years of my life. I'm 26 years old. I've known this 1 autistic guy for about 10 years now. Sure, he's a nice guy, but here's the thing, he doesn't understand social cues; social constructs; what to wear; what's healthy to eat; how to control his emotions; don't understand the value of a dollar or what or why currency is a thing. The list goes on. As someone who lives with anxiety and ADHD, I know what it's like to have problems. I'm no saint either. Now, you're asking "Why have you been in this situation for 10 years?" I was in an all special ed highschool. At the time, I didn't really know what autism was. I didn't think there was anything major about it till I Went to this school. Learning more about it, I realized the ups and downs of this. Think of it like this, there are people with genius level IQs but are autistic. People like Mark Zuckerburg and Linus from Linus Tech Tips. It's been considered that the way Sherlock Holmes was written is that he was a high level autistic person. I've heard that maybe even Albert Einstein may've been. So think of it like this, living everyday not knowing if you're doing the right thing, not knowing what will set you or someone else off. Think of everything as a trigger to 1 person and being constantly afraid that if you cut their carrots too short or too long, they will loose it on you. It's scary. It's draining. You don't know what to do. You don't know how things will work out. Imagine letting him watch normal TV and he sees a commercial for say tampons and then he comes to you asking about periods and what a pad is for and a tampon and so on. Remember, he's 25 years old watching TV. He's never seen a naked female and doesn't know what a vagina is. Has no idea what any of that stuff is because his attention span, mood, and mentality is that of a 10 year old at best. Now you're thinking "That can't be that bad right?" YES. It gets worse. I have an example: This guy who is autistic and I were at the mall, at Taco Bell. His mother gives him $20. We are in line and he decides to take it out of his pocket and hold it down to his side. Is this a bright idea? Literally by the edge of the bank note. Holy hell, no! I even pointed it out to him. 2 guys are behind us talking "Hey guys, let me ask you something" "What's up?" "OK see how my friend here is standing," I look over to him and say "Hold the 20 like you were." I look back at them, "Holding the bill like this, how easy would it be for someone to come up and snatch that 20 out of his hand?" "Easy as hell man." "This is why you don't hold money like that. If anything you need to fold it up and keep it in your hand so no one sees it." This was about 2 years ago but god damn, it frightens me. ​ I talk to his mother too. She calls me up sometimes and asks me to deal with him. WHY am ***I*** HIS KEEPER? No idea. I'm not even being paid. Every one of my old teachers I've ever explained this too have said I shouldn't be dealing with this. His mother comes to me and says how she doesn't know if she's ever going to retire. If she's ever going to have the house with just her husband. Her daughter? Sure, she's not autistic. Which is interesting because she's the youngest of 3 but she's like 17 I think. ​ So think about this: You're 45 years old, you had a kid at 25. 20 years later, you're sitting at home STILL raising a "child" a literal "machild." Don't you think by time they are in their 20s or mid 20s they are on their own, OR at best able to take care of themselves? I say that because I'm 26 and live at home due to my issues getting and keeping a job but ya know, I'm trying to help my mom when I can. Either way, my point is that anyone who thinks living with an autistic person is fun and dandy, take into consideration that you will have to be with them for literally their entire life. That's for people who cannot function on their own. I realize that there are some people with autism that you can't even tell. I know this girl who is autistic and at best, she's just eccentric. She's super nice. Not everything clicks but hell, she can tell you everything you want to know about Rick and Morty (might be another girl I DUNNO) ​ This was just on my mind, don't DOWN VOTE ME into hell because you don't like what I said. submitted by /u/_Tarrabyte [link] [comments]