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I sold sex today (reddit.com)
Can't say I wanted to. But I felt like I had to do something to solve this bad financial situation I put myself in. The anxiety about constantly owing someone money was eating me up and I didn't see any other way out. So I put up an ad, got a whole bunch of replies and met with one man today. I wanted to throw up before we were supposed to meet up. I was very nervous and disgusted, I'm not one of those people who thinks prostitution should be made into a "normal job". Simply because it's not a normal job, I don't believe in the idea of the happy hooker. I had no idea what the guy looked like. Just that he seemed normal and was my age, unlike 90% of all the men who replied. My first thought was that he was cute. I did not expect that... At all. Would I have had slept with him without the money? No. Not my type. But I wasn't disgusted when he touched me and the whole thing was over pretty fast. Now I almost feel like I should feel worse than I do. Maybe it was that he was just a normal guy and not some perv twice my age, but I feel ok. Just.. confused? Don't really know what I feel. Just needed it off my chest. (If anyone has experience in this I'd be happy to talk to you, message me.) submitted by /u/Flixpix [link] [comments]