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The Rhetoric of "I don't have to say anything, you can just GOOGLE IT" pisses me off. Especially on this fucking website. (reddit.com)
It pisses me off that people on this website have this rhetoric of "we don't have to justify our own opinions, just GOOGLE IT" when this whole fucking website is a designed to be a social forum. If I wanted to fucking Google an op-ed piece rather than discussing a topic with other people than I would have, but I came onto this website to engage with others and talk about it. And even if I were to just "Google it," I would be getting different results from you because of the special algorithm that Google puts in for each individual user. So, me googling it would just put me further into my allegorical cave and push me further into my own ignorance. And I'm sorry that I can't experience every little single nuance of life because I am too busy stuck living in my own that I have no other frame of reference or perspective other than mine, so sorry for wanting to engage and hear from you (others) about the topic as I'm sure you have your own personal experiences on the subject as I can only know so much because I am fixed on one side. Like, I'll never know what it's like to be a woman since I was born a man; I'll never know what it truly is like to have a human being grow inside of me or having to menstruate monthly, not because I'm sexist, but because I'm a male. I can read about it all I want but hearing it from actual women is a lot more easier and engaging than reading some opinion anecdotal piece of 1 individual with no form of dialog which is the whole fucking point of having a social forum. submitted by /u/Penguin619 [link] [comments]