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I am not your spectacle (reddit.com)
Just another day in my home country of the U S of A as a Hijabi. Cue me, sitting at a Barnes & Noble reading a book, all snug in a corner, minding my own business. Ofc people pause and stare at me , like a Hijabi reading a book is the weirdest thing ever (I am used to it), but today I nearly lost it when this one woman went out of her way TO TAKE A PICTURE OF ME. She went in a circle at least 3 times, pretending to be looking at books (I also lost it when she, a 60+ looking woman, began looking through the classroom notebooks shelves with "interest"), and then took her phone out from her bag and snapped a photo behind it before running off. I was peeved. I pretended not to notice. I did not know what to do because I know it is not illegal but at the same time what the hell. My friend, who is also a Hijabi, was with me sitting at the other side of the store. As I was going towards her to tell her what happened, that same lady was stalking near her clearly about to do the same. I told her let's go and we left. Like seriously, I am not your spectacle. /endrant submitted by /u/Lookingforanswers__ [link] [comments]