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Why do you have to dress your 1 year old like a god damn model?!?! (reddit.com)
I work at a day care with 1 year olds. Since its fall, AKA the most fashionable time of the year (though still a bit warm, not cold enough for layers besides a light jacket), the parents are dressing their children in very fashionable adult style clothing. During the process of changing diapers, I have to take off their lace up boots, unbutton and take off their high waist jeans and scarf belt, unzip and remove the over-sized cardigan and remove the one piece body suit and sometimes take off their scarf, depending on how the 1 piece is designed (buttons on shoulders or on crotch). THEN after the diaper is on (it pulls up, not the kind with sticky straps on it) I have to completely redress them! I have 8 kids. I'm supposed to be able to do this in under 3 minutes (each) but it takes at least 10 redressing them. I really don't appreciate this shit! Mom, dad you're not with the kid for 8 hours of the day! You don't change 9-11 diapers a day, I do. You only have to dress/undress them once a day. I have to do it 9-11 times. I don't get paid enough to do this fashion show with kids that pick their noses and scream all day. You think they fucking care what they look like? Um, no, they just want to play with each other and eat their yogurt and dance to Baby Shark (another rant for another day) Please, please pleeeeease!! Stop dressing your child like an adult! submitted by /u/UniqueUserName_90 [link] [comments]