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Heavily traumatized at 7 years old (reddit.com)
I made an account just to post this, and this is probably the only thing I'm going to post. I just needed to get this off my chest, so I guess this is the right subreddit to do so. I haven't told this to anyone, so this was really hard to write down and I'm not sure I want to keep this post up for long but we'll see. When I was in elementary school, the family living next door consisted of a chainsmoking single mother with two sons. The oldest son was about 18 year old, and he often visited us since he was friends with my brother. This seemed normal to me at first, but looking back it seems weird to me that an 18 year old was so interested in forming a friendship with a 9 year old boy. At first he just came over to play video games with my brother, but then he started talking to me, asking about school, my hobby's, what kind of dolls I liked etc. He started spending more time with me, but keeping the excuse he was visiting to "play video games" with my brother. I vaguely remember him doing things like touching my cheek or my shoulder. And well, he went further than that, but I can't bring myself to write that down right now. At one point his family just moved, and I've never seen them again. ​ Years later I'm still very confused about this, and I still haven't told anyone. I'm scared that people will think I'm just making it up for attention, because I can't remember his full name or what he looked like. I've never dated in high school and to this day I still haven't had a relationship (I'm scared to do so). I'm in therapy but we're focussing on other things. I also find it really hard to talk about this, so I don't even know how to bring it up. ​ Either way, thank you for reading. I don't even know to make a tl;dr out of this. submitted by /u/disgustingdynamics [link] [comments]