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I was raped by a 13 year old (reddit.com)
English isn't my native language, so please be kind to me. It all started on vacation. I was visiting my aunt. Won't name the country here. Last August I was meeting the best friend of my aunt with her. She's got a 13 year old son who could easily pass as a 18 or even 20 year old. Extremely tall for his age and... I don't know how to explain, but there was nothing childlike in his face anymore. On the other hand, I still pass as a teen. He and his mom thought I was 15 or 16. Anyway... We're both gamers, he was excited to learn I love games like GTA and Sleeping Dogs, he added me online, we played a few games together and were a good team. We also talked about life in general, about our favourite music and movies and family related stuff. His mom told me he was actually more of the quiet type and seemed rather cold around his relatives and friends. We developed a friendship kind of thing, I felt like his big sister, we went to the cinema to watch The Nun (he used his older brother's ID). He also acted like my boyfriend to distract a creepy dude who kept hitting on me at the mall. Which means he basically took my hand, nothing obscene. When he said he wants a girlfriend like me it didn't feel that strange. I'm pretty used to stuff like that coming from guys and even girls sometimes. One late evening he forced himself on me out of the blue. I was so shocked my body completely froze at first. I never expected this to happen. It felt like a weird bad dream... I tried to fight him off, to push him away but he easily overpowered me. Of course fighting was pointless. I always thought I'd be able to become very strong in dangerous situations like a protagonist in an action film. He raped me multiple times. He apologized after it happened, told me he loved me so much and that it wasn't my fault at all. I know it wasn't my fault. It's just so depressing I can't talk with anyone about it. Not even the family members I feel so close to. Not even my beloved mom. We share a strong bond, but I know my confession would hurt her so much because her biggest fear is me getting hurt by someone. I know my confession would ruin my aunt's friendship and maybe her friend thinks I'm lying, that I seduced her son and calls the cops on me. Even in my homecountry he's under the age of consent. I tried multiple google searches, stuff like "Raped by a minor" but most cases are about minors getting raped by adults like their teachers or something. It looks like there's no case like mine. I really don't want to make a fuss about it. I'm a strong person, I'm not traumatized, don't worry. The thing is, we still keep texting each other and I still can't hate him. I wish he could've stayed my amazing and funny gamer buddy friend. Thank you for reading this. Might delete it later. Edit: Thank you so much. I'd never thought of admitting it but I really needed to get this off my chest. I don't feel so isolated with it anymore. Edit: I called my aunt and casually asked about him. She told me his mother had a huge fight with him weeks ago and he was hitting her. She thinks about sending him to his father in Lebanon. submitted by /u/Saathiiyaah [link] [comments]